Hockey Voice with Tiffany

March 28, 2019

Hockey in China is growing faster than ever before. Everyday more players are experiencing the greatest sport on ice. Can Life Sports is following the young and more experienced hockey amateurs around China, showcasing their learning and sharing their story with the world. This is our first episode of #HockeyVoice.

曲棍球(冰球)在中国的发展速度比以往任何时候都要快。每天都有更多的运动员在冰上体验这项伟大的运动。“Can Life Sports/加力体育”关注中国各地年轻、经验丰富的业余冰球爱好者,向世界展示他们的学识,分享他们的故事。这是我们的第一集#HockeyVoice冰球梦响

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